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“Selfie” to have the chosen account immediately with SHB


From January 28, 2021, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) officially launched the feature of opening an online account on SHB Mobile application via electronic customer identification solution (eKYC). With this solution, customers now just need to “selfie” on their phone to have the chosen account instead of having to go to the transaction counter as before.

Vietnam currently has nearly 70 million people using the Internet with the rate of 94% using daily. The development of digital technology has made a very positive contribution to the development of electronic banking services. In particular, the implementation of eKYC has changed the perception of banking services and is an important step in bringing digital banking to customers.

Previously, customers who wanted to open a bank account would have to go directly to the transaction counter to carry out registration procedures and to verify information. Now these operations can be done via mobile devices thanks to the eKYC solution. This solution helps customers to open a bank account quickly and securely, which is successfully implemented 24/7 online, without going to the counter, queuing or waiting.

As one of the first banks allowed by the State Bank to deploy eKYC in the online account registration feature, over the past time, SHB experts have focused on research and development of services. At the same time, SHB cooperates with Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) – a partner with outstanding strengths in the field of applying AI and Blockchain technology to store and verify data – to ensure absolute customer data security.

Specifically, the SHB Mobile application will automatically identify customer’s information and images on ID documents (ID card, valid Citizen ID or Passport) compared with “selfie” pictures of customer’s face angles to complete the online identification procedure.

After only 3 minutes of implementation, customers will be able to successfully register the Online Account Package.

Thus, with a smartphone, through a few simple and quick “selfie” actions, SHB’s customers will immediately have an online account package including current account and convenient and safe e-banking services on SHB Online and SHB Mobile. Thereby, customers immediately enjoy countless benefits such as online money transfer, bill payment and QR Pay, phone top-up, flight and train ticket booking, hotel booking, etc.

At the same time, SHB’s customers, when opening an online account package via eKYC, will enjoy incentives such as free of charge for choosing a number-chosen account worth VND 550,000/account, immediately receiving an E-voucher worth VND 20,000/customer in the first 2 months of implementation.

Mr. Nguyen Van Le – CEO of SHB Bank shared: “Taking the philosophy of” Customer is the center “as the guideline in all activities, SHB constantly researches, innovates and enhances the application of technology into banking services to bring customers maximum benefits. The deployment of the eKYC application makes it easier than ever to own a bank account. This is also a new step in the digitization of banking operations, encouraging customers to change their habits from direct transactions to online transactions, saving time, effort and especially ensuring health safety in the context of complicated epidemic. “

Mr. Nguyen Van Le added that eKYC is expected to bring outstanding customer access for the bank. Accordingly, eKYC not only targets young, technology-loving and busy customers but also customers in areas far from big cities and difficult to access banking services, with the view to promoting financial comprehensiveness and non-cash payment in accordance with the direction of the Government and SBV.

With the goal of becoming one of the three largest modern retail private commercial joint-stock banks in Vietnam, becoming the leading bank in digital banking transformation, SHB has been investing resources in market research, updating modern technology. In the coming time, the Bank will continue to promote the development of high-tech products in order to improve service experience and satisfy customers’ needs as much as possible.