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SHB trao các giải thưởng trị giá lên tới 139 chỉ vàng SJC dành cho Khách hàng doanh nghiệp tham gia chương trình “ Hành trình tri ân” nhân dịp 30 năm sinh nhật ngân hàng SHB trao các giải thưởng vàng trị giá hơn 1,5 tỷ đồng cho Khách hàng trúng thưởng chương trình Sinh nhật tri ân – Quà tặng từ Tâm Thông báo lịch nghỉ Tết Nguyên Đán Giáp Thìn 2024 SHB đồng hành cùng Công đoàn Ngân hàng Việt Nam mang Tết ấm đến với vùng cao SHB tiếp tục tăng trưởng bền vững, chuyển đổi mạnh mẽ và toàn diện trong năm 2023 SHB mở rộng đặc quyền phòng chờ sân bay cho chủ thẻ tín dụng quốc tế Platinum SHB tung gói vay ưu đãi 18.000 tỷ đồng cho khách hàng cá nhân Thông báo lựa chọn tổ chức đấu giá tài sản

CPA Australia names SHB “Recognized Employer Partner”


During the 15th Anniversary in Vietnam of CPA Australia, CEO Ngo Thu Ha is presented with the Recognized Employer Partner (REP) certificate and officially becomes a member of CPA Australia.

SHB underwent a comprehensive evaluation during an application, assessment and recognition process conducted by CPA Australia. SHB has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to developing their employees to meet international professional standards in finance-audit.

Being a REP Partner will provide SHB better access to global networking opportunities and exclusive training and recruitment benefits including directly working with CPA -approved training partners, qualified CPA member all over the world, participation in Career Expo, leading universities’ events. In addition, CPA Australia also fully support SHB employees in professional training and seminars to gain competitive edge and global immersion and  elevate knowledge and skillset. Moreover, SHB employees can enjoy the privilege of CPA membership and faster track in CPA certification.

CEO Ha congratulated CPA Australia’s successes in the past years. She added that as one of few local banks presented with REP certificate with the direct access to a network of qualified training partners, SHB will gain advantages in improving accounting – auditing operations, thereby affirming the Bank brand in recruitment, training and HR development.

Ranking in Top 5 Joint Stock Commercial Banks by charter capital, SHB always take the lead in complying with international standards in both business activities and professional training to improve competitive advantage and international integration. REP program is a solid foundation that will contribute significantly to the vision that by 2035 SHB will become the top retail bank in the region” , emphasized CEO Ha.

During this ceremony, CEO Ha also becomes a member of the CPA Australia. In the coming time, SHB will focus on promoting finance – accounting training and developing HR, especially in the context of global immersion and IFRS adoption roadmap.

During the 30-year journey, SHB has always clearly identified that “Human resources are invaluable assets” and made “People” one of the four pillars of the bank’s comprehensive transformation strategy. Board of Directors has identified and built appropriate human resources strategies, constantly cultivating and creating a professional, friendly and people-centric workplace considered a second home to each employee.

Thanks to that, SHB has been honored three times by HR Asia – the leading Asian HR publication as “Asia’s Best Place to Work” and the “Best Workplace Interior Design” award at the 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA).

CPA Australia, founded in April 1886, is now one of the world’s largest financial accounting professional bodies with key services including education, training, knowledge exchange  and mentoring. After 15 years of establishment, CPA Australia currently has more than 1,200 members across the country, with about 500 members in the Northern region of Vietnam, contributing to the network of more than 170,000 CPA Australia members globally./.