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Easier dialing with SHB’s new hotline *6688


From 29 September 2020, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) added a new hotline number *6688, simple, impressive and easy to remember, which helped customers quickly get connected with SHB in any circumstance.

Accordingly, customers may contact SHB’s Customer Support Center via hotline *6688, in addition to other existing hotline numbers, which are 1800588856, 024.6275.4332, and 1800545422. Hotline *6688 is short, simple and impressive, easy to remember, available 24/7, convenient to use and easy to reach.

Via hotline *6688, SHB’s Customer Support Center is available 24/7 everyday (including holidays and New Year), provides instant support, anytime, anywhere, promptly solves any questions and problems of customers in the transaction process, and at the same time provides instruction on procedures, and information on products/services, promotion programs for customers’ choice. To ensure service quality, calls via hotline *6688 will be charged VND 1,136/minute.

With the addition of hotline number *6688, SHB expects that when experiencing emergency situations such as loss of cards or savings books, or when needing advice on information about SHB’s products and services, customer can easily remember the Hotline number and contact the Bank without spending time looking up. Thanks to that, SHB will support customers quickly, promptly and effectively, contributing to improving the quality of services and customer experience.

With the motto of “Customer centricity” as a guideline in every business activity, SHB has made ceaseless efforts and commitments to continuously improve service quality and provide all necessary supports to customers.  The Bank has also continuously innovated and upgraded products, aiming to become a modern, diversified, convenient, fast, and efficient digital bank, bringing a comprehensive and optimal digital banking experience to customers.

The successful achievements gained over the past 27 years are the initial foundation, creating momentum for SHB’s future development. SHB aims to become a leading universal and modern retail digital bank in Vietnam, a Top 3 largest private commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam and to become a strong financial group in accordance with international standards with modern technology infrastructure, professional HR, nationwide network and international reach.