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Thông báo chào giá cạnh tranh gói thầu ‘Thi công phủ hợp chất sơn Nano lên bề mặt kính ngoài nhà’ Công trình Tòa nhà SHB Đà Nẵng Thông báo chào giá cạnh tranh gói thầu cung cấp phần mềm quản lý hóa đơn điện tử Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền thu giữ tài sản bảo đảm để xử lý nợ Nâng bước doanh nghiệp nữ chủ: SHB và ADB tài trợ ưu đãi lãi suất Thông báo chào giá cạnh tranh gói thầu tư vấn giám sát gói cải tạo sửa chữa tòa nhà SHB Hạ Long Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền bán nợ khoản vay của Công ty TNHH Thương mại Xây dựng Thành Phát Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền bán nợ khoản vay của Công ty TNHH Thương mại Xây dựng Triệu Phát Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền bán nợ khoản vay của khách hàng Trương Ánh Tuyết

For several consecutive years, SHB has been honoured as “Best Trade Finance Bank of Vietnam”


Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) was honoured as “Best Trade Finance Bank of Vietnam” in 2020 by Alpha Southeast Asia (Alpha SEA) Magazine. This is the third year in a row that SHB was selected for this award by Alpha SEA. This has confirmed SHB’s reputation, quality of service and especially its firm position among the leading trade finance banks in Vietnam.

Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine is a publication on investment with in-depth contents on Southeast Asian capital markets and banking. Readers of the Magazine come from banks and financial institutions around the world, as well as professional investors in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Outperforming many big-name competitors with impressive indicators, SHB was honoured as “Best Trade Finance Bank of Vietnam” in 2020. The value of SHB’s international settlement and trade finance in 2019 has grown tremendously, up 20% year-on-year, from $ 3.61 billion to $ 4.3 billion. With such impressive growth, SHB has firmly affirmed its position as one of the Top largest private joint stock banks in terms of international settlement and trade finance revenue.

With a network of more than 500 correspondent banks worldwide, SHB has a great advantage in providing payment services to customers in different regions of the world. SHB’s reputation has been enhanced globally through good partnerships with huge partners, such as Well Fargo NA, Bank of New York Mellon, Uni Credit, CommerzBank, Sumitomo Banking Corporation, MUFG, Mizuho Corporate Bank, ICBC, IIB, IBEC … Besides, the large network including more than 530 transaction points in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia of SHB also plays an important role in serving customers in a timely and convenient manner.

Over the time, SHB has launched various excellent trade finance products, accompanying enterprises for sustainable development. In particular, in order to develop international trade and help enterprises increase working capital for customers to purchase raw materials, pay for costs of production, manufacturing, processing and export orders, SHB launched the pre-shipment export finance product with a financing ratio of up to 90% of the loan. In addition, for import-export customers who regularly conduct international money transfer transactions, SHB provides customers with international remittance fee packages with attractive incentives, such as: customers can flexibly choose among 7 remittance packages from USD 50,000 up to USD 5,000,000, free of charge on money transfer, wire transfer and other incentives on filing.

In recent years, SHB has improved and simplified procedures to facilitate enterprises to access bank capital to deploy more value chain financing products to enhance product competitiveness, forming value chain, building Vietnamese brands in international markets … Besides, SHB has cooperated with leading enterprises in the industry to support enterprises with market information, distribution channels, capital and technology solutions, training, guidance, improving administration… Especially, in 2020, SHB promoted operations in “Support Centers for Vietnamese enterprises to export via e-commerce” at large branches of SHB nationwide, with two pilot centers at Thang Long Branch (Hanoi) and Saigon Branch (HCMC). SHB will also launch customized product and service packages for individual and corporate customers interested in selling through the Amazon system – in which products of Vietnamese enterprises community, Vietnamese brands will have the opportunity to reach more than 300 million consumer accounts worldwide.

Mr. Nguyen Van Le, CEO of SHB said: “The award has once again affirmed SHB’s outstanding position among the Top largest private joint stock banks in terms of international settlement and trade finance revenue. The award has also confirmed SHB’s brand not only within the country, but also internationally. In the coming time, SHB will promote its competitive advantages in terms of global network of partners, diversified products and quality. In addition, the Bank shall focus on simplifying processes, investing in technology to enhance customer experience according to international standards, and improving SHB’s competitiveness”.

Mr. Nguyen Van Le added that the Bank’s products have been regularly reviewed and improved by a professional team with a deep understanding of customers based on customer needs, feedback… Besides, by means of classifying customers into different segments, SHB can offer competitive and flexible pricing for each customer segment. Thanks to its diversified product portfolio and good customer service, SHB has attracted more and more enterprises, especially from important import and export sectors such as agriculture, seafood … and help them to promote international trade. On the other hand, SHB will continuously improve service quality: Increase customer satisfaction with international payment services and trade finance; Deploy advanced trade finance products and services, such as Supply Chain Financing, BPO, Blockchain, Factoring…; Develop new products and services with the application of 4.0 technology in trade finance, international settlement, etc.