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It has never been so easy to own a car!


A beautiful car to take your children to school, your family out, or just to the daily office has really become the practical needs among each of us!

And now, your desire will be simply realized with the preferential program “It has never been so easy to own a car!” launched by SHB & its strategic cooperation partner Truong Hai Auto Joint Stock Company (THACO) from now until 31/12/2017.

The program is applied in THACO’s showrooms/dealers on the whole system!


  • Interest rate is only 8% per annum for a maximum of 12 months from the date of disbursement
  • Financing up to 90% of capital demands (including car value, insurance costs, registration fee)
  • Maximum loan tenor is 96 months
  • Loan to value ratio is up to 85%
  • Quick approval time, within 14 hours from application receipt
  • Flexible repayment method: installment payment, principal repayment at term-end
  • Various types of collateral: car to-be-financed, real estate, valuable papers

Target customers and conditions

  • Customers buying cars for the purpose of consumption or business
  • Customers having a stable income and proven solvency
  • Customers having no debt of group 3 or above at SHB and other credit institutions in the last 12 months

Application procedures

  • Loan application form (SHB’s form)
  • ID, family register of borrower and co-owner (if any)
  • Records related to collateral of the loan
  • Evidence of income of borrower and co-payer (if any)
  • Evidence of loan purpose