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Opportunies to win iPhone 7 for inward remittance through Western Union at SHB


In a series of promotion programs in Summer 2017 to bring about various benefits to customers, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (SHB) and Western Union (WU) jointly organize the promotion program “Money Received, Apple Awarded – WU Raincoat Offered”. The program is appliable from July 1 to August 31, 2017 for customers who receive overseas remittance at SHB through WU.

Accordingly, for every successful WU inward remittance transaction, customer will receive a promotion code for a fortune wheel. The number of promotion codes increases in proportion to the number of successful transactions. 03 lucky customers each will be awarded one IPhone 7 valued nearly VND20 million. In addition, during the program, for each WU inward remittance transaction valued VND 10 million or more (USD500), customer will receive a raincoat.

The inward remittance through WU system allows individual customers to receive money transferred from any country all over the world within 10 minutes after the remittance procedures have been completed. One outstanding advantage of this service is that the recipient can receive money at any transaction points of SHB nationwide without paying any fees or personal income tax. Moreover, customer can receive money in VND or USD to their preference with simple and quick procedures.

With the above mentioned advantages, WU inward remittance service is increasingly prefered by customers. The program is applied not only to show SHB’s gratitude to customers who have been using WU service of the Bank but also affirm its commitment to accompany, support and put priority on customers.

For more information, please visit SHB’s nearest counters or call hotline 1800 588856.