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SHB and the Banking Academy collaborate extensively to cultivate top-tier human resources


Both parties will enhance collaboration to leverage the potential of facilities, personnel, and expertise for training and scientific research purposes.

Recently in Hanoi, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) and the Banking Academy held a signing ceremony for an extensive cooperation agreement aimed at enhancing collaboration in training, scientific research, and student support activities, contributing to the development of skilled human resources in the finance and banking sector.

The event marked the strengthening of the cooperative relationship between SHB, one of Vietnam’s top four largest private commercial joint stock banks with an extensive network, and the Banking Academy, an institution dedicated to developing high-quality human resources for the country’s finance and banking industry.

Cooperation promises to open up many new development opportunities for SHB and the Banking Academy

SHB and the Banking Academy are committed to enhancing cooperation and actively supporting students to maximize the potential of their facilities, personnel, and expertise for training and scientific research purposes. SHB will serve as a strategic partner of the Banking Academy, participating in brand development activities and offering tailored financial products and services that meet the Academy’s specific needs. This partnership aims to create favorable conditions for students to excel academically and gain practical experience in a real-world setting, thereby enhancing their knowledge and career readiness.

Each year, SHB grants prestigious scholarships to outstanding students, bolstering the younger generation in their pursuit of knowledge. SHB also commits experts to collaborate and facilitate meaningful initiatives at the Banking Academy, including events like the “Startup Ideas for Banking Academy Students – Startup BA” competition. Additionally, SHB sponsors and invests capital to support the realization of students’ ideas, startup projects, and innovations.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Dr. Ngo Thu Ha – CEO of SHB raised the Banking Academy as a reputable institution that significantly enriches the banking industry’s human resources, benefiting both the sector at large and SHB specifically. She highlighted that numerous alumni of the Academy have risen to become pivotal leaders and managers within the industry. Dr. Ngo Thu Ha expressed her anticipation for the effective and comprehensive cooperation between SHB and the Banking Academy, aiming to solidify their positions and contribute to the country’s sustainable economic development.

CEO Ngo Thu Ha spoke at the ceremony

“SHB serves as a reliable platform for teachers and students of the Banking Academy to access, practice, and apply research findings effectively in real-world settings. Also, I believe in the mutual support between the two sides to achieve our goals and foster further development together in the future” – Ms. Ngo Thu Ha emphasized.

Associate Professor Dr. Bui Huu Toan, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Banking Academy Council, praised SHB for its significant contributions to supporting the training of young generations of the Academy in recent years. He expressed confidence that the cooperative partnership would continue to strengthen, particularly in scientific research, seminars, discussions, and the awarding of scholarships to talented students. This collaboration is expected to play a crucial role in advancing Vietnamese education

Throughout the years, SHB and the Banking Academy have cultivated a distinctive partnership, yielding significant achievements evident in various activities: SHB’s sponsorship as a Silver sponsor at the Academy Career Day in 2022 and 2023, establishment of the “SHB – Nurturing Talent” scholarship, implementation of internship and recruitment programs, organization of career guidance events, utilization of banking services, exchange of training information, and collaboration in scientific research and human resource development.

This signing ceremony with the Banking Academy marks the next strategic step in SHB’s efforts to train talented and high-caliber personnel for the benefit of the community, society, and the advancement of the banking industry and the country during the ongoing period of deepening international integration.

With a heritage spanning more than 30 years, SHB remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and developing human capital, guided by the pillar of “People-centricity”. This approach drives innovation and enhances leadership and staff capabilities. Recently, SHB has actively engaged with prestigious universities, forging partnerships aimed at cultivating top-tier human resources critical for the country’s growth.