SHB completed issuing more than 400 million shares to pay dividends, increasing charter capital to 30,674 billion dong - Ngân hàng SHB
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SHB completed issuing more than 400 million shares to pay dividends, increasing charter capital to 30,674 billion dong


On December 7, 2022, the State Securities Commission issued a document confirming the results of the issue of shares to pay 2021 dividend of Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB).

Previously, the State Bank also approved in writing the plan to issue shares of SHB. Thus, SHB has successfully issued more than 400 million shares to pay the 2021 dividend at the rate of 15%, thereby raising its charter capital to VND 30,674 billion. This is an important foundation to help SHB increasingly affirm and improve its reputation in the domestic and foreign investment community, as well as to international credit rating agencies.

SHB is carrying out the prescribed procedures to register, deposit, and list additionally issued shares and put them into official trading by the end of December 2022.

This increase in charter capital is part of SHB’s development plan and was approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders, aiming to improve financial capacity, expand lending scale, and invest in information technology, especially to promote the Bank’s digitization, realizing the goal of becoming the leading modern and universal retail bank in Vietnam.

Since its listing of shares on the stock exchange in 2009, SHB has always adhered to the principles of publicity, transparency, sustainable profit growth, and steadily increased charter capital over the years. In addition, SHB always ensured the interests of shareholders by paying annual dividends of 7-15%/year.

2022 marks a strong transformation of SHB with impressive business results, affirming the position of a Top 5 largest commercial banks in Vietnam, Top 10 most prestigious joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam, Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam…

In the first 9 months of the year, SHB achieved positive business results. Total assets of SHB reached more than VND 528 trillion. Capital mobilization from economic organizations and individuals reached nearly VND 400 trillion. Outstanding loans to customers amounted to nearly VND 380 trillion. Pre-tax profit reached more than VND 9,035 billion, up 79% over the same period, completing 78% of the plan set by the General Meeting of Shareholders, ranked in the Top 5 most profitable private commercial banks. SHB is rated at B1 by Moody’s with positive outlook.

Previously, SHB and Krungsri Bank of Thailand – a strategic member of MUFG Group – Japan have signed an agreement to transfer charter capital at SHB Finance. Currently, SHB is completing the final procedures and is expected to wrap the deal in December 2022. The completion of the agreement will bring about a significant capital surplus for SHB in 2022 and the next 3 years, contributing to the improvement of the Bank’s financial capacity and position.

Recently, SHB has focused on promoting investment and developing solutions on digital platforms. Up to now, the entire operation process of SHB has been greatly improved thanks to the application of digital technology, and improved work efficiency; Customer data management has improved markedly; New digital products have optimized benefits and brought better experiences for customers… In the first 9 months of 2022, SHB has successfully implemented nearly 30 features and solutions on the Ebanking platform.

Having achieved impressive business results and continuously being highly appreciated by prestigious domestic and foreign organizations, SHB has increasingly raised its position in the financial – banking industry. Recently, IFC – an organization of the World Bank group (World Bank) and SHB have also actively implemented a credit and trade finance package that is expected to amount up to USD 300 million. Of which, $120 million is a direct loan and $75 million is the initial trade financing line from IFC. The credit package is expected to support the growth of SHB’s SME loan portfolio, including businesses participating in the supply chain of clean agricultural products, and green projects, etc. That was also a proof of trust and appreciation of partners, customers and the community for a bank that always focuses on customers, creating sustainable values for the SHB brand.

2023 will mark an important transformation for SHB when celebrating 30 years of development, accompanying the country, contributing to bringing good values to the community, customers, partners, shareholders and employees. In the upcoming journey, SHB is committed to constantly putting efforts, continuously innovating, gradually affirming the national position, reaching the international level, contributing to the comprehensive development of society and the country.