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SHB continues sustainable growth and comprehensive transformation in 2023


The consolidated financial statements for 2023 of Saigon-Hanoi bank (SHB) sees stable growth in major financial indicators and ensure prudent ratios amid challenging market.

In 2023, SHB celebrates its 30th anniversary by channeling massive fund in comprehensive transformation in all areas and accompanying clients and the community with practical and timely measures.

As of December 31, 2023, total assets reached VND 630 trillion; total customer deposit VND 497 trillion VND; Tier-1 capital in accordance with Basel II VND 70.3 trillion; charter capital VND 36,194 billion. SHB sustains its position as one of the Top 4 largest private commercial banks. SHB’s outstanding loan amounted to VND 455 trillion and increased by 17.1% year-over-year. This impressive increase was made possible by the focus on fields that are the driving force for growth of the economy such as: rural agriculture, export, processing and manufacturing industries, construction, infrastructure, consumables,…

Net interest income reached VND 20,523 billion, a year-over-year increase of 20%. Profit before tax reached VND 9,245 billion. Business performance is stable. Major ratios including ROE, NIM grew well with CIR equal to 23%. SHB has succeeded in managing the bank expenses effectively for many consecutive quarters. Higher provisions compared to year 2022 have raised provisioning coverage ratio to 75%.

Despite huge challenges posed to both local and international markets, SHB proactively engages in the State and SBV policy to best serve the demand of businesses and retail clients. Moreover, national sustainable development and community interest have become the compass of Bankwide operation.

In addition to the effort to cut costs, SHB has implemented many preferential interest rate programs with the total amount of tens of thousands billion VND for new clients and interest rate reductions for existing clients. The total amount of interest reduction amounted to more than VND 2,800 billion. Other non-financial policies and support are also offered timely to help businesses overcome difficulties to maintain production and sustain growth.

SHB strong performance are coupled with the implementation of rigorous risk management. SHB’s prudent and risk management indicators all exceed those regulated by the SBV and comply with Basel II and Basel III standards in liquidity risk management.

The year 2023 also witness SHB’s radical and comprehensive transformation towards “bank of the future” model. In particular, digital transformation with clear strategies and directions has achieved positive results, resulting in dramatic growth in the number of customers and transactions.

SHB has built numerous digital products. SHB Corporate Mobile app enables business owners and senior management to proactively manage their businesses anytime and anywhere.  SHB SAHA app offers nearly 40 new features, delivering fresh and outstanding experience for retail clients.  Online foreign currency selling feature was also introduced in 2023. SHB continuously automates many processes to aim at more effective management, strengthening risk management and enhanced adoption of artificial intelligence… Currently, 90% of key operations can be performed entirely on digital channels, exceeding the target set by the Digital Transformation Plan to 2025 of the Banking industry. At the same time, 90% of transactions of corporate and retail clients are performed entirely through Mobile banking and Internet banking.

Last year, SHB open 5 additional branches and 25 transaction offices, bringing the total number of domestic and international transaction points to 569. SHB’s large network has promptly served transaction needs of all clients, connecting economic sectors, creating jobs, contributing to local development, especially in mountainous and rural areas.

With a sustainable development strategy, increasing financial capacity and foundational factors, thereby promoting business activities in key segments, in 2023, SHB has completed the transfer of 50% of SHBFinance capital for Ayudhya Bank Limited (Krungsri) of Thailand.  At the same time, the fruitful co-operation with international institutions such as WB, IFC, ADB, KfW… includes a Senior loan agreement with IFC with the total package worth USD 120 million.

2023 is a special year for SHB when the bank celebrates 30 years of development, accompanying the country with a series of inspiring activities to customers and the community. SHB was honored to be awarded the Third-Class Labor Medal by the Communist Party and State, and other prestigious domestic and international awards such as: Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam, Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam, Best ESG impact in Vietnam, Outstanding Bank for the Community, Best Workplace in Asia… That is an extremely valuable recognition of the Party, State and community for the positive contributions of SHB into the country’s socio-economic development.

With a humanistic cultural tradition and core values “Heart – Faith – Trust – Knowledge – Wisdom – Prestige”, strong financial capacity, expansive network, modern banking technology and high-quality human resources, SHB has created a solid foundation to overcome difficulties and is ready to grow robustly in the coming time.