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SHB continues to win big in the Outstanding Vietnam Bank Award 2021


Recently, at the award ceremony of Vietnam Outstanding Banks (VOBA) in 2021, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) was honored in two important award categories: “Corporate Social Responsibilities Bank” and “Bank with innovative products/services”. These prestigious awards will become a strong motivation, encouraging SHB to continue its efforts to improve the quality of products and customer-oriented services, in addition to practical contributions to the community sustainable development.

2021 is the 10th year the Vietnam Outstanding Banks Awards has been organized by the International Data Group (IDG) in collaboration with Vietnam Banks Association, under the auspices of the State Bank of Vietnam. The event aims to honor banks with outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to the development in the field of Finance – Banking in particular and Vietnam’s economy in general. Through a fair and thorough evaluation process, at the VOBA Awards 2021, SHB was honored as a “Corporate Social Responsibilities Bank” and “Bank with innovative products/services” “.

Mr. Le Dong Tuan – Deputy Director of SHB Ho Chi Minh Branch (on the right) represented the Bank to receive the award “CSR Bank”

In the award category of “Outstanding CSR Bank”, SHB excellently persuaded the Organizing Committee and the Jury Board with their impressive contributions to the development of the community. Over the past 28 years, with the philosophy of “Serving from the heart”, SHB has always developed business with dedication and added value to the community. In particular, in 2021, SHB spent an outstanding budget of nearly VND 243 billion for social security activities. Even in the most difficult times when the epidemic broke out, SHB always pioneered and promptly stood along with central and local agencies and organizations in all aspects such as: supporting the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic of the whole country; actively implement practical social security activities to directly help people with difficult circumstances; supporting localities facing natural disasters, storms and floods; Focusing on investing in education and the young generation…

And most remarkably, in order to accompany businesses to overcome the difficult period due to the epidemic, SHB took the lead in implementing synchronous solutions including rescheduling repayment term, reducing loan interest rates and expanding loans for businesses to restore production and business, becoming one of the private joint stock commercial banks with biggest interest rates reduction to support customers affected by Covid-19. Currently, SHB is still providing a credit support package worth more than VND 30,000 billion with preferential interest rates down to 2%, exemption and reduction of some service fees to continue accompanying customers in the coming time. It is expected that from now until the end of the year, SHB will continue to follow the orientation the State Bank, supporting existing and new customers by reducing lending interest rates.

In the category of “Bank with innovative products/services”, SHB was excellently honored with the product of “Additional loans for business in installments for corporate customers”.

In the category of “Bank with innovative products/services”, SHB was excellently honored with the product “Additional loans for business in installments for corporate customers”. This is a preeminent solution to help businesses always have sufficient and stable working capital to ensure production and business activities and be able to repay by periodic installments in the medium and long term. Specifically, SHB’s corporate customers are granted loans with a term of up to 60 months. The principal and interest amounts are divided according to the needs of the business (every 1 month, 2 months …) to help businesses reduce loan repayment pressure and have sufficient capital to recover and grow in the future. At the same time, SHB finances up to 85% of total capital needs, customers only need to provide documents proving the source of the enterprise’s retained loan repayment to ensure its ability to repay in the future. Providing a stable source of capital for a long time, SHB wishes to accompany businesses to restore production and business ability and grow again, especially in the difficult context of the economy.

Over the years, SHB has been continuously honored by IDG with prestigious awards such as: “Best SME Bank” in 2019, 2020; “Green Credit Bank” in 2020; “Best CSR Bank” in 2019; “High-tech Investment Bank for Clean Agriculture” in 2018; “Information Security Bank” in 2017… Recently, SHB was honored as a “Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam” for the third time at the VNR500 award ceremony, and was also selected by the prestigious international magazine Global Finance as “Vietnam’s Best SME Bank” in 2021-2022… The consecutive winning of prestigious international and domestic awards has affirmed SHB’s position, scale of operation, and strong financial capacity in addition to the Bank’s practical contributions to the sustainable development of customers and the community.