SHB deploys biometric information collection in accordance with Decision 2345 of the State Bank - Ngân hàng SHB
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SHB deploys biometric information collection in accordance with Decision 2345 of the State Bank


From now on, SHB customers can register biometric data at the Bank’s transaction points nationwide or via e-banking applications, get ready for Decision 2345/QD-NHNN of the State Bank of Vietnam coming to take effect.

To ensure uninterrupted, seamless, and secure financial transactions for customers following the implementation of State Bank Decision 2345/QD-NHNN starting July 1, 2024, SHB has officially launched an update and enhancement process involving biometric data from chip-embedded citizen identification cards. This initiative aims to safeguard account security by cross-referencing with the Ministry of Public Security’s database.

Starting immediately, customers can initiate the addition of biometric information (facial recognition) at transaction points or through e-banking applications, syncing it with the data stored on their citizen identification card chips. Updating biometric information ahead of the implementation of Decision 2345 enhances security, empowers customers to proactively manage financial activities, and mitigates potential disruptions to future transactions.

Customers need to prepare a chip-embedded citizen card and access the latest version of SHB Mobile/SHB SAHA application to perform easy installation with the following 5 steps:

1. Download/update the application, log in and select “See more ” at the notification on the home screen;

2. Take photos of the chip-embedded citizen identification card;

3. Read chip card on the citizen identification card;

4. Face authentication following instructions;

5. Complete biometric information registration.

In addition, customers can directly authenticate at all SHB transaction points and branches nationwide. List of transaction points here.

Customers are advised to update biometric data exclusively through the SHB Mobile/SHB SAHA e-banking application or directly at SHB transaction points nationwide. Additionally, they can seek guidance by contacting the 24/7 Customer Care Center via hotline *6688.

To avoid the risk of fraud, please DO NOT update biometric data via any other website or application. SHB does not require customers to provide OTP, password, card number, security key or any personal information over the phone or via link.

Under Decision 2345/QD-NHNN, effective from July 1, 2024, transactions such as money transfers between accounts, deposits into e-wallets, etc., exceeding VND 10 million per transaction or aggregating to VND 20 million or more in a day, require biometric authentication for subsequent transfers on the same day. Transactions below VND 10 million per transaction or totaling less than VND 20 million per day continue to be authenticated with the usual Smart OTP code.

Moreover, as per Article 2 of Decision 2345, individual customers are required to undergo biometric identification before conducting their initial transaction via a mobile banking application or when using a different device other than the one used for their last transaction.

An SHB representative highlighted that facial biometric data offers robust security, aligning with global and Vietnamese trends in digital transformation amid the expansion of electronic transactions. This advanced solution is crucial for enhancing safety, particularly as instances of transaction fraud and scams are on the rise. It also serves as a catalyst for banks to swiftly adopt AI-driven biometric identification solutions, streamlining the customer verification process.

“Gathering customer biometric information early aims to ensure a convenient, seamless, and uninterrupted experience on digital platforms while enhancing security and safeguarding customers during money transfer transactions, in alignment with State Bank Decision 2345. We anticipate and trust that this new decision will serve as a crucial authentication measure to safeguard customers’ deposits within the banking system,” emphasized the representative.

Being one of the top four largest private banks in Vietnam, with over 92% of all transactions conducted through digital channels, SHB acknowledges the importance of implementing Decision 2345 to safeguard customers during online transactions. Over the past three years, the bank has upgraded its information technology infrastructure, standardized database systems, and bolstered data security, laying a crucial foundation for future transformation initiatives.

The bank also emphasizes the development of products and sales tools through digital channels, streamlining internal administrative processes, digitizing operational activities, and integrating artificial intelligence and Big Data into business operations. Currently, over 90% of critical banking operations can be conducted entirely via digital channels.

SHB is actively and comprehensively executing its Transformation Strategy 2024-2028, accelerating digitalization and technology adoption across all operations. The bank is continuously enhancing management capabilities to meet international standards and modern models, while steadfastly pursuing sustainable, secure, and efficient development practices.