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SHB được vinh danh “Ngân hàng có trách nhiệm xã hội tốt nhất Việt Nam” Cảnh báo hình thức lừa đảo, giả mạo tin nhắn của ngân hàng Chuyển khoản không phí – Tiền đầy trong ví cùng SHB SHB thông báo mở cửa trở lại đối với các điểm giao dịch tại Đà Nẵng, Quảng Nam, Quảng Ngãi Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền thu giữ tài sản bảo đảm để xử lý nợ Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền thu giữ tài sản bảo đảm để xử lý nợ Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền thu giữ tài sản bảo đảm để xử lý nợ SHB thông báo các điểm giao dịch tạm ngừng mở cửa theo yêu cầu của các địa phương để ứng phó với bão số 4

SHB E-banking – “Hundred Benefits in Just 1 Click”


On February 12, 2017, Saigon – Hanoi Bank launched the newest versions of SHB Online and SHB Mobile with completely changed interface, synchronized functions, which offer optimal convenience to customers.

SHB simultaneously launched SHB Online and SHB Mobile with completely new versions

With these new versions, customers can finish a financial transaction on both SHB Online and SHB Mobile in just two clicks or two touches. Customers’ accounts can be managed visually and actively through charts with detailed information on saving accounts, provisional interest, repayment date and bank cards, etc. Another advantage of these versions is that information on beneficiaries of bank transfer/invoice payment or telephone numbers to which money is topped up will be automatically saved for subsequent transactions. These versions also provide customers with various supporting tools such as deposit interest rate calculation, foreign currency exchange or promotion programs. Moreover, each customer can personalize SHB Online and SHB Mobile to create their own E-bank by selecting their favorite avatar.

In particular, the new SHB Mobile and SHB Online are designed synchronously in terms of function/transaction flow. Further, their compatibility to all Internet access devices provides customers with simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use operation. Most of transactions performed on SHB Online can now be performed on SHB Mobile. Thus, with a Wifi/3G connected mobile, customers can perform various kinds of transactions such as bank transfer/savings deposit-withdrawal/invoice payment/shopping and cards limit setup, etc. without visiting bank’s counters or using computers.

With the motto “Solid partners, flexible solutions”, these new versions of SHB Online and SHB Mobile are expected to bring satisfaction, benefits and high quality to customers. Customers can register for free-of-charge use of SHB Online and SHB Mobile to experience these new outstanding features.

For more information on SHB Online, click here. For SHB Mobile, click here.

For direct support, please call hotline: 1800 588856/1800 545422