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SHB honored as “Best Retail Bank Vietnam” and “Best Trade Finance Bank Vietnam” 2018


Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) has been honored by Alpha Southeast Asia magazine (AlphaSea) as “Best Retail Bank Vietnam” and “Best Trade Finance Bank Vietnam” in 2018. These prestigious awards once again affirm SHB’s position and reputation as a Top 5 private commercial joint stock bank in Vietnam; and, at the same time, demonstrate its robust, safe and sustainable development in many aspects. Previously, SHB had been honored as Best SME Bank Vietnam in 2015 and 2017 by AlphaSea.

With great advantage and considerable experience in trade finance, in the year 2017, SHB’s trade finance volume reached USD 3.34 billion, marking an impressive growth of 17% YoY. In addition, SHB was among top Vietnamese banks with largest UPAS LC volume. Such growth rates provided SHB a firm position among top trade finance banks in Vietnam.

The success in trade finance activities in 2017 was partly made by SHB’s wide correspondent banking network across the world. With more than 1000 correspondent banks globally, SHB has a big advantage in offering excellent payment services to customers located in different parts of the world. Apart from traditional international settlement, trade finance products such as import L/C, export L/C, import collection, export collection, etc., SHB also provides clients with other products such as hedging products. Another factor for a successful year of trade finance is the innovation in technologies. In 2017, SHB became an official member of the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) which helped to facilitate the Bank in verifying information relating to shipment. The above-mentioned factors have made the Bank a big player in trade finance as well as created solid base for further development in the years to come.

At Best Retail Bank Vietnam award category, the Bank’s retail products have witnessed impressive growth this year, including car loan, mortgage loan and credit card.

“Truong Hai Car Loan” Product of SHB in 2017 has obtained good growth compared to the end of 2016. SHB has now become a Top 2 Truong Hai car loan banks in the market, and has become a strategic partner of Truong Hai Auto JSC.

In addition, the “Dream apartment” mortgage loan product has attracted a lot of customers, disbursed loans and outstanding loans rank No. 2 among the current 30 personal loan products of SHB, becoming one of key retail products of SHB in the current period.

Since early 2017, SHB has been re-launching SHB-Barcelona Master co-branded credit cards. According to the Co-branding Agreement, SHB has become FCB’s Exclusive Official Affinity Credit Card Partner in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

SHB CEO Nguyen Van Le said: “SHB is very proud to be honored with two prestigious awards by AlphaSea Magazine. These awards are not only recognition of SHB’s efforts, but also a testimonial of the Bank’s products and services quality, which have brought great satisfaction to customers. In the coming time, SHB will continuously improve, innovate and enhance its service quality to meet the increasing demand of all customer segments.”

Along with the awards by AlphaSea, SHB was recently selected by Global Finance (USA) as the only representative in Vietnam to receive the “Best Bank Vietnam 2018”. The Bank was also named in Top 10 prestigious commercial joint stock banks by Vietnam Report. These awards once again confirm the Bank’s commitment towards customers and enhance SHB brand in the domestic and international financial – banking market.