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SHB implements a VND 25,000 billion credit package, reducing interest rate by 2% per year and having many synchronous solutions to support customers to overcome difficulties in Covid-19 epidemic


Following the call of Vietnam’s General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong, and at the same time, closely following the directions, drastic and effective measures of the Prime Minister and the State Bank of Vietnam, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) has been continuing to implement drastic and effective solutions for corporate and individual customers in March, contributing to join the community in overcoming the impacts of Covid 19 epidemic. Specifically:

  1. SHB has implemented a credit package of VND 25,000 billion with many incentives on lending rates, banking service fees, especially reducing interest rate by 2% per year compared to normal interest rate. SHB continues to effectively implement solutions to expand credit in production, business and priority areas, especially lending to maintain and restore the industries and sectors affected by the epidemic.
  2. SHB has exempted or reduced interest rates, charges for old loans, reduced interest rate by a minimum of 2% for existing customers of SHB who are having difficulties due to the epidemic.
  3. In addition to the preferential interest rate packages, SHB continues to implement debt restructuring, debt rescheduling and maintenance of debt groups as well as interest and fee exemptions or reduction for customers facing difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic in line with the Circular 01/2020/TT-NHNN to support customers overall.
  4. SHB has exempted most of customer transaction fees, following the instruction and guidance of the State Bank of Vietnam, reduced a minimum of 50% transaction fees paid via the electronic inter-bank payment system, exempted interbank transfer fees and a range of other transaction fees; exempted fees for customers transferring money to support the Fund for Fighting Covid 19.
  5. With the goal of maintaining continuous business activities to serve the essential needs of the people, SHB ensures 24/7 smooth transactions to meet the needs of all domestic and foreign customers, especially domestic and international money transfer & payment activities and customer service. SHB’s 24/7 e-banking system and ATMs are always ready to serve to optimize financial efficiency, and help customers transact quickly and conveniently.
  6. SHB has implemented activities to support input and output markets in the business community at SHB and reputable organizations at home and abroad to help businesses reduce their dependence on markets affected by the epidemic, quickly restore production and business activities; SHB has provided domestic and international market information and preferential policies and supports from the State to businesses; SHB has provided free consultation on corporate finance and corporate restructuring to help them overcome difficulties.
  7. SHB has reduced business costs and operating costs, adjusted business plan to reduce profit in 2020 by a minimum of VND 1,000 billion, and at the same time, the Board of Directors, the Board of Management and senior managers of the bank voluntarily reduced their salaries by 50% until the announcement of the end of the epidemic, the management of the whole system from Deputy Manager level upwards (and equivalent titles) reduced their salaries by 10% – 30% depending on their income level.
  8. SHB has drastically reviewed all operating expenses and implemented measures to reduce operating costs by a minimum of 10%.
  9. Strictly following the Prime Minister’s direction on social quarantine from 0h April 1, 2020 but still ensuring smooth banking operation, SHB has reviewed the entire system, allowing only positions and personnel who are really necessary to go to the office, asking 70% of the staff of the whole system to work from home and encouraging customers to transact via e-banking system; SHB has promoted e-banking services, implemented propaganda to change transaction habits, encouraged customers to make cashless payment; SHB also implemented many incentive programs to promote transactions through electronic channels to ensure customers’ peace of mind during transaction.
  10. With a series of drastic measures above, SHB has been synchronously deploying solutions to all business units of the system with drastic direction directly from the Board of Directors and General Director. SHB has sent sales staff to work directly with each customer group and each customer to determine the most accurate and appropriate support level for each customer and each customer group.

SHB ensures smooth operation with 100% of SHB’s transaction offices opening for normal operation to serve all the essential needs of customers and peoples

Mr. Nguyen Van Le, General Director of SHB said: “With the motto of business always accompanying and sharing difficulties with customers, and at the same time, implementing the Government’s policy and the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam on the implementation of solutions to share and support customers affected by COVID-19 epidemic, SHB has implemented a series of practical and timely solutions to join hands for the community, to remove difficulties, to minimize impacts caused by the epidemic; creating conditions for customers to maintain and promote production and business activities”.