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SHB in Top 10 Vietnam’s most prestigious banks for four consecutive years


 For the fourth time in a row, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) was honored in the Top 10 Vietnam’s most prestigious commercial banks based on the criteria of financial capacity, communication prestige and customer’s satisfaction.

The list of Top 10 Vietnam’s banking reputation award in Vietnam in 2019 is a result of the independent and objective research of the Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company. The reputation of the assessed banks is based on the result of financial assessment; communication prestige by means of Media coding method and surveys of customers, banks, finance & banking experts conducted in May & June 2019.

Given the above criteria, SHB is highly evaluated regarding its financial capacity, business experience and growth potential, communication prestige which create a position on the banking & financial market. At the same time, customers positively assess product quality with flexibility, creativity, safe transaction, high information security, simple & quick procedures, attentive customer care service, and many preferential policies … SHB continues to affirm its position in the Top 10 Vietnam’s most prestigious commercial banks in 2019. In addition, SHB is also ranked 5th in the Top 10 Vietnam’s most prestigious private commercial banks in 2019 evaluated by Vietnam Report.

Determining the goal of becoming the leading multi-functional retail bank in Vietnam, SHB has built a comprehensive and efficient digital banking transformation roadmap, developed modern financial products and services on a high-technology basis, in line with the trend of Industrial Revolution 4.0. According to this roadmap, within 5 years, SHB will focus on implementing projects in the areas of Customer Centricity, Big Data, Digital, Process Optimization, Technology, IT Operating Model. In order to implement the IT strategy roadmap, from 2018, SHB started to launch projects in all areas at the same time.

SHB’s financial capacity and efficient business performance are positively evaluated by the breakthrough growth strategy in scale, with attention given to credit quality and bringing the NPL ratio below 3%. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, SHB has chartered capital of over VND 12,000 billion and will increase to VND 17,570 billion in 2019. Total assets are over VND 333,000 billion, profit before tax of the first quarter of 2019 is nearly VND 744 billion. From a bank with only 8 employees, 2 transaction points, SHB has grown strongly with nearly 8,000 employees working at more than 520 domestic and foreign transaction points, serving more than 4 million individual and business customers and connecting to 400 agent banks across all continents.

Aiming at the goal of being in the Top 3 Vietnam’s largest private commercial banks and achieving Basel II international standard, in addition to continuing to improve management capacity and risk management, SHB focuses on investing in technology applications, determining digital banking strategy, reducing operating costs, improving working productivity; developing strongly retail operation, maximizing the differentiating advantages and potential of SHB Finance Company (SHB FC). At the same time, SHB focuses on exploiting its differentiating advantages and potential from the large scale of available business customers and the ecosystem of large corporate customers, SMEs and individual customers with products by chain based on new technology platform.

SHB’s CEO – Nguyen Van Le, said: “The fact that SHB was honored in the Top 10 Vietnam’s prestigious commercial banks for the fourth time in a row confirms solid position and prestige of SHB with customers, partners and shareholders, and at the same time, acknowledges positive contributions of SHB in the development of the banking & finance sector. In the coming time, SHB will make more efforts, be active and pioneer in the application of new technologies, helping customers to benefit from new, safe, convenient and modern services”.

Over 26 years, SHB has made safe, transparent and sustainable growth and development steps. SHB is currently in the Top 5 Vietnam’s largest private commercial joint stock banks, Top 10 Vietnam’s most prestigious commercial banks, Top 1,000 global banks and one of 16 credit institutions with important influence in the banking system of Vietnam. SHB is honored to be awarded Second Class Labor Medal (2nd time), Third Class Labor Medal and many flags, Merit Certificates from the Government, Ministries, Leagues and other noble awards.