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SHB is the Best Micro SME Bank in Vietnam


With a diverse product portfolio, streamlined procedures, and high-quality services for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially micro-enterprises, SHB has just been awarded as “Best Micro SME Bank in Vietnam ” by Alpha Southeast Asia.

The above award continues to affirm SHB’s position as well as mark a strong and comprehensive transformation with a series of breakthroughs in business strategies as well as types of products and services.

Promoting existing advantages with corporate customers, SHB is currently deploying 53 types of trade finance, credit and non-credit products for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially micro SMEs with flexible, streamlined procedures. SHB’s products are “tailored” to specific business conditions for each business in each sector: Construction, petroleum distribution, circular economy, green development, sustainable development, etc.

At the same time, SHB provides products with many utilities and comprehensive services suitable for Micro SME’s business cycle from deposits, payments, credit, helping customers manage capital flows effectively, ensuring a stable business cycle and optimize benefits for businesses. In addition, SHB also proactively cooperates with organizations and businesses with strong brands to promote export activities of SME businesses.

Providing maximum support for Micro SME customers, the bank is in the process of promoting digital transformation, reforming, simplifying internal processes and procedures, and shortening loan approval time.

Preferential lending policies and programs are one of the important factors to promote credit and support customers. Over the past years, SHB has spent trillions of VND in lending with preferential interest rates lower than normal levels to attract and support customers. In particular, SHB always actively accompanies businesses and is one of banks providing the strongest interest rate support for customers during the pandemic with a credit support package of nearly 33 trillion VND with preferential interest rates up to 2%, along with a series of other practical programs such as exemption/reduction of service fees; loan restructuring without changing loan group according to the provisions of law; …

In the period 2023 – 2024, SHB is simultaneously implementing two Interest Rate Incentive Programs: the short-term interest rate incentive program with a scale of 6,000 billion VND to finance working capital needs, and the medium and long-term interest rate incentive program of 1,000 billion VND signed with the Government’s Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund (SMEDF) to support businesses in accessing capital with low and fixed interest rates during the loan term.

In particular, Alpha Southeast Asia magazine highly appreciated SHB supporting women-owned SMEs, including the project “COVID-19 Relief Grant for Women-Led Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” funded by ADB. Women-owned businesses facing difficulties due to Covid-19 have received many financial and non-financial support policies from SHB in coordination with ADB such as: Loan restructuring; waiving commitment fees; exemption or reduction of all related fees; Training to improve capacity and knowledge of business management…

By the end of 2022, SHB is the leading bank among the 5 banks participating in the project with a total disbursement of the ADB’s grant up to 1,700,000 USD. At the same time, in early 2023, SHB signed a loan agreement with IFC worth 120 million USD, focusing on women-owned businesses and SMEs participating in the supply chain such as: health, education, sanitation and transportation, thereby helping them access capital at low cost.

According to Mr. Dinh Ngoc Dung, Deputy Director of SHB Corporate Banking Division, in the coming time, SHB will continue to deploy comprehensive financial solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Identifying SME as the key customer segment, SHB sets a goal that by 2025, the number of SME customers will grow 5 times compared to the present, of which women-owned businesses account for at least 15%.

With the motto of “customer centricity” SHB always accompanies SMEs by offering diverse products and services, preferential capital sources, and is ready to bring flexible financial solutions, helping businesses optimize the efficiency of capital use, increase competitiveness and expand the scale of operations, contributing to the sustainable development of the country./.