SHB ranks in the top 200 of the Fortune SEA 500 list, a brand with regional and international outreach - Ngân hàng SHB
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Thông báo kết quả lựa chọn tổ chức đấu giá tài sản SHB cảnh báo thủ đoạn lừa đảo mới: “Giả mạo hỗ trợ” đăng ký xác thực sinh trắc học SHB ra mắt dịch vụ bán ngoại tệ trực tuyến cho Khách hàng Doanh nghiệp Mua nhà dễ dàng hơn với lãi suất ưu đãi chỉ từ 5,79% tại SHB Thông báo lựa chọn tổ chức đấu giá khoản nợ Thông báo về việc thực hiện quyền bán nợ khoản vay SHB chính thức áp dụng xác thực sinh trắc học theo Quyết định 2345/QĐ-NHNN vào giao dịch trực tuyến Tận hưởng vô vàn ưu đãi cùng gói tài khoản Đẳng cấp vượt trội của SHB

SHB ranks in the top 200 of the Fortune SEA 500 list, a brand with regional and international outreach


With a strong foundation and deep cultural roots aligned with sustainable, secure, and efficient development practices, SHB consistently enhances its management capabilities to meet international standards and modern models. For the first time in the announcement of the Fortune SEA 500, SHB secured the 137th position among Southeast Asia’s highest revenue-generating organizations.

On June 18, Fortune Magazine published its inaugural list of the 500 largest financial corporations and businesses in Southeast Asia by revenue, known as the Fortune Southeast Asia 500 (Fortune SEA 500). Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) secured the 137th position among Southeast Asian entities and ranked 17th among Vietnamese financial institutions and businesses included in the list.

In Vietnam, SHB ranks among the top four largest private commercial banks, boasting a strong financial foundation and a highly effective business strategy. SHB’s shares are included in VN30, a group comprising the country’s leading stocks in terms of market capitalization and liquidity on the stock market.

As of March 31, 2024, SHB’s total assets exceeded VND 621,000 billion, charter capital reached 36,194 billion VND; customer deposits amounted to more than VND 481,800 billion; Outstanding credit balance is more than VND 452,800 billion.

SHB’s pre-tax profit reached VND 4,017 billion in the first quarter of 2024, an increase of 11% over the same period in 2023, fulfilling 35% of the year plan. This marks the highest first-quarter profit in SHB’s history. A robust and extensive transformation strategy has enabled the bank to streamline operational processes, enhance productivity, and achieve the industry’s lowest cost-to-income ratio (CIR).

As a prominent financial institution, SHB upholds stringent risk management policies. Its capital adequacy ratios consistently exceed State Bank regulations, and liquidity risk management adheres to Basel II and Basel III standards.

At the end of April, SHB retained its B1 credit rating from the international credit rating agency Moody’s, underscoring the ongoing enhancement of the bank’s operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability amidst a highly volatile market environment.

With a solid foundation and cultural depth, aligned with sustainable, secure, and efficient development practices, SHB consistently enhances its management capabilities to meet international standards and modern paradigms. Through its ongoing Innovation – Responsibility – Efficiency program, SHB solidifies its position as a leading financial institution, extending its reach to regional and international markets. The inclusion in the Fortune SEA 500 list serves as a clear validation of SHB’s standing in the marketplace..

In the first half of 2024, SHB continuously won important awards from prestigious domestic and international organizations such as: Biggest ESG Impact Banks in Vietnam; “Best Commercial Bank – SME in Vietnam” and “Most DEI Progressive Bank in Vietnam”; and “Bank with best sustainable financing activities” in 2024…

SHB’s products and services have made a significant impact by enabling the bank to achieve a notable milestone: becoming the first bank in Vietnam to win double Digital CX Awards in 2024. These awards recognize SHB for Outstanding Digital CX in the Cash Management Platform category, specifically for its Slink collection service product, and for Best Technology Implementation for Digital CX with the ACAS Automatic Credit Approval System solution.

An SHB representative commented, “Securing the 137th position on the Fortune SEA 500 list and receiving recent awards underline SHB’s stature in both regional and international markets. These achievements reflect our Board of Directors’ strategic clarity and long-term vision, tailored for each stage of our journey. Currently, SHB is driving significant and comprehensive changes through its Transformation Strategy 2024-2028, anchored on four pillars and six core cultural values, aimed at achieving substantial breakthroughs”.

From 2024 to 2028, SHB is directing its resources towards executing a robust and extensive Transformation Strategy built on four pillars: Institutional Reform, People-centricity, Customer-centricity, and Modernized Information Technology and Digital Transformation. The bank remains steadfast in upholding six core cultural values: “Heart – Faith – Trustworthiness – Knowledge – Wisdom – Greater Heights”.

SHB aims to achieve several strategic objectives: to become the leading bank in efficiency, the most popular digital bank, the premier retail bank, and the top provider of capital, financial products, and services to strategic private and state corporate customers with green supply chains, value chains, and ecosystems.

SHB will persist in supporting the community and society through environmental conservation efforts, contributing to the country’s green growth, economic development, and circular economy. This commitment aligns with the Government’s Renewable Energy Development Strategy until 2050. Additionally, SHB remains actively engaged in charitable initiatives aimed at assisting the underprivileged and those facing adversity