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SHB receives Excellence in International Settlement Quality Award (STP Award) for the 8th consecutive year


On July 11, 2018, Saigon Bank – Hanoi was honored with STP Award 2017 by the Bank of New York (BNY Mellon). This is the eighth consecutive year BNY Mellon presented this award to SHB, evidencing its robust, safe and sustainable development following international standards.

BNY Mellon is among Top 10 largest banks in the US and Top 100 largest banks in the world with total assets of USD 370 billion.  Every year, BNY Mellon evaluates and presents international settlement awards to its correspondent banks based on strict criteria and international standards.

As a correspondent bank whose international settlement quality reaching Straight – Through Processing (STP), SHB has been presented with STP Award for eight consecutive years since 2010, thereby affirming its international settlement quality which meets international payment requirements, reduces the reconciliation time and costs, thereby enabling accurate and fast international settlement transactions.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Mr. Arnon Goldstein – Managing Director, Head of APAC Sales & Relationship Management of BNY Mellon, indicated that this year continued to witness SHB’s impressive STP rate of over 98%. He added: “BNY Mellon is very impressed with the continuous development of SHB, and is much honored to be SHB’s customer, partner for more than a decade“

Feeling proud for its 8th consecutive year receiving the annual award from BNY Mellon, SHB’s Deputy General Director Ngo Thu Ha said: “The Award of Excellence in International Settlement Quality is the recognition of SHB brand in general and the international settlement quality in particular. This is a great encouragement and motivation for the Bank’s development in the context of a changing economic environment. In the coming years, we will make our best efforts to bring diverse international settlement products and services at the highest quality.”

Apart from international settlement, SHB has also received many international awards in various areas such as Business Excellence Award 2018 by World Confederation of Businesses, “Bank of the year” by The Banker for 3 years, and many other notable awards. Not only enhance SHB brand in the domestic and international financial – banking market, these awards also confirm the Bank’s commitment towards customers and its robust development in Vietnam, regional and international scale.