SHB reduced 2% loan interest rate to support customers at the end of the year - Ngân hàng SHB
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SHB reduced 2% loan interest rate to support customers at the end of the year


In order to contribute to economic recovery and development after the pandemic, and understanding the demand for production capital in the year-end season, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) has recently announced a program to reduce interest rates up to 2% /year for individual and corporate customers in priority areas, areas of production and trading of essential items, necessities…

Specifically, from mid-November, SHB has implemented a support program to reduce interest rates from 1.5% to 2%/year for individual and corporate customers. In particular, SHB gives priority to customers operating in priority fields such as agriculture, rural areas, small and medium enterprises, green projects…. Businesses that are in need of capital to urgently produce essential products and necessities to serve the people’s year-end needs are also supported by the Bank.

In addition to reducing interest rates, SHB also waives/reduces early repayment fees, offers preferential service fees, flexible in loan procedures and documents, and speeds up disbursement to facilitate and help customers continue quickly access to preferential loans, promptly meet production needs on the occasion of Tet.

At the same time, SHB also actively provides non-financial solutions, supports connection of input and output markets in the business community, provides free consulting on corporate finance and corporate restructuring, in order to ensure that the strategy is suitable for the current period, thereby helping the business to recover and develop soon.

Also during this time, SHB also introduces the B-Smart comprehensive transaction solution package for corporate customers with many attractive incentives, especially 100% free of transfer fee via Internet Banking, gifting beautiful digital accounts, etc. free use of 12 months of B.Standard package for corporate customers.

Taking customers as a focus in all activities, SHB always understands and accompanies customers, especially during the most difficult times. SHB has actively accompanied businesses with a series of practical and prominent support programs. The bank also offered highest interest support among joint-stock commercial banks to customers during the pandemic, with a credit support package of more than VND 30,000 billion.