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SHB trao các giải thưởng trị giá lên tới 139 chỉ vàng SJC dành cho Khách hàng doanh nghiệp tham gia chương trình “ Hành trình tri ân” nhân dịp 30 năm sinh nhật ngân hàng SHB trao các giải thưởng vàng trị giá hơn 1,5 tỷ đồng cho Khách hàng trúng thưởng chương trình Sinh nhật tri ân – Quà tặng từ Tâm Thông báo lịch nghỉ Tết Nguyên Đán Giáp Thìn 2024 SHB đồng hành cùng Công đoàn Ngân hàng Việt Nam mang Tết ấm đến với vùng cao SHB tiếp tục tăng trưởng bền vững, chuyển đổi mạnh mẽ và toàn diện trong năm 2023 SHB mở rộng đặc quyền phòng chờ sân bay cho chủ thẻ tín dụng quốc tế Platinum SHB tung gói vay ưu đãi 18.000 tỷ đồng cho khách hàng cá nhân Thông báo lựa chọn tổ chức đấu giá tài sản

SHB was honored as the Best Bank in Vietnam


Recently, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) was honored by the prestigious Global Finance magazine as “The Best Bank in Vietnam” in 2022 – one of the most important categories of the “Best Bank” award held annually by Global Finance to honor the best financial institution in each country.

Global Finance is the world’s leading financial magazine established in the US since 1987. The award categories presented by Global Finance are considered and selected through a rigorous and transparent evaluation process, thus are highly appreciated, and reputable in the global financial community. Granting the “Best Bank in Vietnam” award in 2022, Global Finance highly appreciates SHB for outstanding achievements in 2021 such as growth in total assets, profit; products and services; network; contributions to the development of the community; technological development; customer service, etc.

SHB is currently ranked in the Top 5 largest joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam, Top 10 most prestigious joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam, Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam, Top 100 banks in ASEAN region, Top 500 banks with largest brand value in the world… and is one of the 10 most influential credit institutions in the Vietnamese banking system.

In 2021, despite facing many difficulties in the general context of the Covid-19 pandemic, under the appropriate and close direction of the Board of Directors, SHB continued to reap great successes in many fields. As of December 31, 2021, SHB’s total assets reached VND 506.6 trillion, an increase of 23% compared to the end of 2020. Equity capital according to Basel II standards reached VND 53,114 billion. Charter capital reached VND 26,674 billion. SHB’s pre-tax profit reached VND 6,260 billion, up 91% over the same period, completing 102% of the plan set by the General Meeting of Shareholders. SHB has grown strongly with more than 530 domestic and foreign transaction points, serving more than 5 million individual and corporate customers and connecting to 400 correspondent banks across continents.

In the context of the prolonged Covid-19 epidemic, in addition to breakthrough business development, SHB always actively accompanies and supports customers, taking the role and responsibility of a bank for the community. Most notably, in order to accompany businesses to overcome the difficult period due to the epidemic, SHB has proactively and synchronously led the implementation of solutions to help businesses recover their production and business; the Bank is one of the private joint stock commercial banks that reduce interest rates the most to support customers affected by Covid-19. Currently, SHB is still providing a credit support package worth more than VND 30,000 billion with preferential interest rates down to 2%, exemption and reduction of some service fees to continue accompanying customers in the near future.

At the same time, SHB is one of the banks that actively accompanies the whole country in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic with timely medical support: T&T Group, SHB Bank and businesses in the ecosystem Entrepreneur Do Quang Hien’s contributed up to more than VND 1,500 billion through donating to the Government’s Vaccine Fund, supporting medical supplies for hospitals and localities, supporting the program “Internet connection and computers for children”, supporting orphans due to the Covid-19 epidemic, accompanying the Program “Spring for children”, building schools, building houses of gratitude in localities…

In order to accompany the Government, the community and businesses in the process of sustainable socio-economic and environmental development, SHB has strived to maintain its top position among private commercial banks in terms of green credit. The Bank has always proactively approached green capital sources from international financial institutions (WB, ADB, KfW, JICA…), considered issuing green bonds, etc. to finance infrastructure construction in Vietnam, especially green energy projects.

Defining digital transformation as one of the strategic pillars, SHB has been focusing on building a digital corporate culture, investing in IT systems, and researching and applying digital technology synchronously. Recently, SHB has successfully launched many digital products, especially the introduction of Smart Robots and the continuous expansion of transaction points with assistant robots, implemenation of digital spaces throughout the system. Recently, SHB and Temenos signed a strategic cooperation contract to develop SHB’s OMNI Channel Platform. The event has marked a strong transformation of SHB in the digital transformation journey.

Sharing about the award, Mr. Do Quang Vinh – Deputy CEO of SHB said: “The “Best Bank in Vietnam in 2022 award” honored by the prestigious Global Finance magazine has affirmed and raised the position of SHB in domestic as well as international market. The award is also a recognition of the Bank’s efforts in bringing maximum value to customers and the community over the years.”

With the principle of Serving from the Heart and the operating motto “Solid Partners – Flexible Solutions”, SHB aims to be the No. 1 bank in terms of efficiency and technology among commercial banks in Vietnam by 2025. With a vision by 2035 to become a leading modern retail bank in the region; the most effective investment bank providing capital for key sectors of Vietnam’s economy.