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SHB was honored as “The best socially responsible bank in Vietnam”


This is the second time that the Asia’s leading magazine on Economics, Finance and Banking – Asiamonney has selected Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) as “The best socially responsible bank in Vietnam”. The award is a recognition of SHB’s non-stop contributions, bringing good values to the community and society during its 29-year development journey.

Asiamoney highly appreciates SHB for its clear strategy in constantly contributing and fulfilling its responsibilities to the community through investment activities in many fields such as education development, nursery and child protection, and health care support, environmental protection activities, etc. In addition, SHB has also effectively many long-term and short-term social security activities.

Especially, in the context of the Covid -19 pandemic, all socio-economic activities were stalled, people’s lives were seriously affected, in order to share difficulties with the community, SHB spent a budget of hundreds of billion VND for social security activities, 6 times higher than the previous year.

Actively accompanying businesses to overcome difficulties, SHB is one of the joint stock commercial banks with highest interest reduction to support customers during the pandemic and one of the first joint stock commercial banks to join hands with the Government to support customers – reducing 2% loan interest rates for businesses, cooperatives and business households to recover business after the pandemic.

SHB also actively provides non-financial solutions, supports connection of output and input markets in the business community, provides free financial advice and corporate restructuring, thereby helping businesses to recover quickly.

With the sense of responsibility of one of the largest commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam, SHB determines a sustainable development strategy which not only to brings effective and safe financial growth of the bank itself, but also ensures economical use of natural resources, protection and improvement of living environment quality. SHB pays special attention to environmental protection activities, actively “greening” investment capital flows, directing financial resources into green fields such as high-tech enterprises, renewable energy projects, supporting industries, agriculture and rural areas, small and medium-sized hydropower projects, biomass, waste and wastewater treatment, etc., contributing to promoting loan borrowers to convert projects and capital use purposes to environmentally friendly projects.

In the past time, SHB has been actively participating in the “Project to promote energy saving in Vietnamese industries” funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and entrusted through the World Bank (WB) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to support industrial enterprises to increase their opportunities to access capital to research and invest in technological innovation, improve efficiency and save energy in the production process. In which, SHB is the issuing bank that provides guarantee for participating banks in providing credit for energy saving investment projects in Vietnamese industries, creating favorable conditions for energy saving investment projects with access to the $75 million Risk Sharing Fund (RSF) funded by GCF and the World Bank…

With remarkable contributions to the development of the country, in 2021, SHB is honored to be awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister in accompanying the Government to remove difficulties for businesses and implement social security in the pandemic period. The Bank is also continuously honored at prestigious domestic and international awards. That is a testament to the trust and appreciation of customers and the community for a bank that always takes “social responsibility” as its business philosophy, creating long-term brand value.