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SHB was honored with 2 important award categories at Vietnam’s Outstanding Bank Awards 2022


Recently in the Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) continued to be honored with 2 award categories ofOutstanding Bank for Green Credit in 2022″ and “Bank accompanying SMEs in 2022”.

These are two of the outstanding categories under the award system of “Vietnam’s Outstanding Bank Award 2022″ organized annually by the International Data Group (IDG) and Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA). The award aims to seek and honor banks that have made outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of the banking system in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general.

Candidates of the Awards are considered based on many objective, independent and fair evaluation criteria by the Jury Board representing Government agencies, Ministries, Associations in the fields of finance, banking and information technology.

Mr. Tran Xuan Huy – DCEO of SHB (left) represented the bank to receive the award “Outstanding Bank for Green Credit in 2022″

These 02 special awards once again affirm SHB’s position as one of the leading banks in accompanying small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and promoting credit in green fields, contributing to the development of the sustainable development of the country.

SHB and “green” growth strategy

Green credit growth is an important part of SHB’s overall strategy for sustainable development. Green growth action plan is implemented synchronously by the bank following a specific roadmap, from raising awareness among staff, partners, customers about the importance of green credit growth; reforming regulations, processes and mechanisms to “tailoring” credit products and banking services for green sectors. At the same time, SHB also gradually transforms the credit structure towards giving priority to customers engaged in production and business activities in green areas, contributing to encouraging borrowers to switch projects and capital use purposes to environmentally friendly projects.

Some sub-projects on green credit that SHB has implemented in recent years can be named as: participating in the disbursement of nearly VND 1,000 billion in REDP project sponsored by WB through green energy projects; acting as the serving and on-lending bank to the project “Smart Grid – Efficiency in Power Transmission” (phase 1) worth EUR 65 million and the Project “Effective grid in small and medium cities” (phases 1 and 2) worth EUR 350 million funded by the German Government through the German Bank for Reconstruction (KfW); The leading bank in disbursement of the program “Support to eleviate the impact of COVID-19 for female-owned businesses” funded by ADB; the issuing bank to guarantee participating banks in providing credit for the “Project on Promoting Energy Saving in Vietnam Industries” (VSUEE) funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and entrusted through the World Bank and the Ministry of Industry and Trade with a total value of 75 million USD… and many other typical green projects.

With the experience and capacity of a leading bank, actively “greening” capital flows, SHB has fully met the rigorous criteria of the “Outstanding Green Credit Bank” award such as: Well developing green products into the bank’s list of existing lending products; Developing preferential conditions on interest rates, collateral… for green project loans; Implementing the environmental and social risk management system in green credit extension; Applying environmental standards when approving loans or granting credit for loan applications with green growth, environmental and social friendliness…

Previously, in January 2023, SHB was honored by the Vietnam Energy Association (VEA) as an effective investment arrangement bank for energy projects in Vietnam in the 2017-2021 period.

Always accompany businesses

The award category of “Bank accompanies Small and Medium Enterprises” is a recognition of SHB’s efforts in supporting the business community in general, and SMEs customers in particular.

With the orientation of developing the SME customer segment, SHB has been implementing many preeminent financial solutions for corporate customers; issued many preferential policies for SMEs. Total outstanding loans for this group of customers at SHB are increasing and by the end of 2022, the amount has reached nearly VND 100 trillion.

SHB optimizes policies to support SMEs, creating favorable conditions for customers to easily access the bank’s financial solutions.

Always understanding, caring and accompanying to solve difficulties for the SME community, SHB focuses on optimizing policies to support SME customers, creating favorable conditions for customers to easily access the Bank’s financial solutions, such as: Simplified and flexible procedures; Specialized funding for each business line; Packag financing for deposit, payment, credit and trade finance products; Cooperating with organizations/enterprises with strong brands to promote export activities of SMEs…

In particular, in the context where the Covid-19 epidemic has placed a significant impact on the economy, SHB actively accompanied businesses with a series of practical and outstanding support programs and is one of the joint stock commercial banks offering most supportive and preferential interest rate to customers during the pandemic, with a credit support package worth more than VND 30,000 billion. In addition to interest rate incentives, SHB continuously implemented loan restructuring plans and maintained the same loan group, as well as exempted/reduced fees and interests…

Speaking at the award ceremony, a representative of SHB’s leadership shared, with a safe and sustainable development strategy, SHB has been striving to maintain the Top 1 position among private commercial joint stock banks in terms of green credit, actively supporting SMEs in all aspects, contributing to the sustainable development of the country.