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SHB win double Awards at digital CX Awards 2024


SHB proudly emerges as the recipient of two prestigious awards – “Best Technology Implementation for Digital CX” and “Outstanding Digital CX – Cash Management Platform” – at the esteemed Digital CX Awards 2024 ceremony held in Singapore.

Hosted annually by Digital Banker and adjudicated by leading experts from PWC, Deloitte, Forrester, and Capco, the Digital CX Awards stand as the epitome of recognition for pioneering innovation in Digital Customer Experience within the Financial Services domain.

As the first and only Vietnamese bank to claim these coveted honors, SHB’s triumph underscores its unwavering commitment to comprehensive and radical transformation. The dual victory serves as a testament to SHB’s relentless pursuit of excellence in crafting customer-centric solutions that redefine the banking experience.

One of SHB’s award-winning innovations -“Slink Virtual Accounts” garnered acclaim from judges for its exceptional cash flow management capabilities tailored for corporate clients. This groundbreaking platform offers unparalleled flexibility, speed, and efficiency, enabling corporate customers to effortlessly manage their finances.

The genesis of “Slink Virtual Accounts” is a testament to SHB’s proactive approach to addressing customer needs. Originating from a branch Relationship Manager’s keen observation of a client challenge, the concept swiftly gained traction within SHB’s innovation ecosystem. Prompt action from management led to the formation of a dedicated project team, resulting in the product’s inception and subsequent launch in 2022.

With “Slink Virtual Accounts,” corporate customers can register virtual accounts seamlessly linked to their primary bank accounts, facilitating real-time payment tracking and reconciliation via Internet Banking. This intuitive solution empowers businesses to manage their cash flow from various stores with unprecedented ease and precision.

Alongside the recognition for the “Most Outstanding Digital Platform Experience – Cash Flow Management Platform,” SHB’s “Automatic Credit Approval System” (ACAS) has also emerged victorious in the “Best Technology Implementation for Digital CX” category. These accolades underscore SHB’s commitment to revolutionizing the banking experience through cutting-edge technology and customer-centric solutions.

At the heart of SHB’s success lies its relentless pursuit of excellence in enhancing customer experiences. The ACAS stands as a shining example of this commitment. By leveraging automated technology, ACAS streamlines credit approval processes, significantly reducing approval times and minimizing paperwork for customers seeking credit cards and overdrafts.

Customers benefit from a seamless and expedited application process, with the ACAS system swiftly screening eligibility and granting credit limits within minutes. This revolutionary approach not only saves time for customers but also simplifies procedures, enhancing overall convenience while ensuring strict adherence to risk management standards.

Moreover, ACAS facilitates internal operations, empowering business units to efficiently access credit approval results and customer eligibility status in real-time. This proactive notification system enables timely communication with customers, fostering transparency and trust.

SHB’s success extends beyond individual innovations to encompass a holistic digital transformation strategy. With a clear focus on leveraging technology to meet evolving customer needs, SHB has witnessed remarkable growth in both customer base and transaction volumes.

The bank’s commitment to innovation is evident in its diverse range of digital products and features, catering to both corporate and individual customers. From the SHB Corporate Mobile application empowering entrepreneurs with anytime, anywhere banking capabilities to the SHB SAHA application offering a personalized experience for individual customers, SHB continues to set new standards in digital banking.

Furthermore, SHB’s relentless pursuit of operational excellence is reflected in its digitization efforts, with 90% of banking operations and customer transactions now conducted through digital channels. By embracing artificial intelligence and automation, SHB has optimized internal processes, streamlined risk management, and enhanced overall efficiency.

Looking ahead, SHB remains steadfast in its commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through strategic partnerships and continued investment in digital platforms, SHB aims to further elevate operational efficiency and introduce products that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

As SHB celebrates its remarkable journey of 30 years, its vision for the future is clear: to lead the way in modern banking and continue empowering customers with unparalleled digital experiences.