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SHB was honored as a best company to work for in Asia


On July 10, HR Asia’s award ceremony of “Best company to work for in Asia 2019” was held in Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon-Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank was honored as one of the winners of  this prestigious award.

“Best company to work for in Asia” is the prestigious HR award of HR Asia magazine – Asia’s leading special publication for HR professionals of Business Media International. The award selection was carried out by conducting surveys in various countries in Asia, namely: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE with the participation of 265 businesses with 9,850 employees.

The award selection was based on the Total Engagement Assessment Model – a survey format which includes groups of questions to be answered by employees of more than 130 companies in Vietnam regarding the working environment, working policies, personal feelings, promotion opportunities, collective culture, leadership,… Besides, HR Asia also conducted assessments through visits and direct interviews with managing directors, HR directors, and board of managements at company headquarters to better understand working environment policies of each company.

Throughout the development process, SHB has always strived to create a most desirable working environment, adopting transparent recruitment policies in enhancing employee retainment and talent acquisition. This strategy contributes significantly to SHB’s outstanding development. In addition, the salary and bonus scheme which increases year by year also makes SHB an outstanding company in the labor market.

With the viewpoint that employees can “live on salary, become rich by bonuses”, SHB always has appropriate remuneration and reward policies for individuals and teams in order to create a fair working environment, and encourage professional development through business KPIs.

SHB’s CEO, Mr. Nguyen Van Le, shared: “People are one of the factors that we value the most in the development of the Bank. Therefore, recruitment and remuneration policies are always based on ensuring maximum benefits for employees, improving working environment, encouraging labor productivity by timely recognizing and rewarding individuals and business units. In addition, promotion and self-development opportunities are always open to employees with substantial contribution to the Bank. “Best company to work for in Asia” award is a testament to SHB’s commitments to its employees. In the future, we will continue to improve our policies, working conditions and environment so that SHB is always a home to every employee”.

For career opportunities at SHB, please access our website: https://shbjobs.com/