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SHB was honored Top 50 Best Enterprises in Vietnam


At the VNR500 award ceremony, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) was honored Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam, continuing to affirm sustainable growth along with practical contributions to economic stability and development.

VNR500 – Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam is a prestigious ranking that has been present for 14 years, published based on the results of independent research and evaluation according to international standards of Vietnam Report. Within the framework of VNR500, SHB was honored Top 50 Best Enterprises in Vietnam by Vietnam Report. The award is the recognition for enterprises which have the most excellent revenue, maintain stable and sustainable business performance throughout the period of 2019-2020 and make great contributions to the development of Vietnam economy. This is also a playing field for leading enterprises and businessmen and a bridge to bring Vietnamese brands to the world market.

In 2020, with many market fluctuations caused by epidemics, natural disasters, etc., besides completing the task of business development and achieving growth target, SHB has many activities to support the economy and the community to overcome common challenges. As one of leading commercial banks, SHB has continuously implemented many solutions to support Vietnamese businesses in the period of 2019-2020.

Photo: Representative of SHB, Deputy General Director Hoang Thi Mai Thao receives the award Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam

In particular, with the impact of Covid epidemic, SHB is one of the first banks to quickly deploy two credit packages of nearly 28 trillion dong, promptly supporting businesses across the country. At the same time, SHB actively expands opportunities to promote Vietnamese brands in the international arena. Accordingly, following the cooperation in 2019, SHB and T&T Group continue to work with Amazon, bringing domestic goods to increase exports to the US and other major markets. The support of SHB in particular and the project in general has strongly contributed to bringing the Vietnamese brand to the world, promoting the development of e-commerce, constantly expanding to seek opportunities in the  context of many economic difficulties.

VNR comments: “With the efforts to overcome difficulties as well as the contribution and companionship with the Government in the fight against Covid-19 during the past time, a member of the Top 50 Best Enterprises in Vietnam has the right to be proud as one of the most typical enterprises and an important factor to contribute to economic stability, creating opportunities for Vietnam to assert and thrive.” The timely and objective recognition of the award is a testament to sustainable development and a worthy result for SHB’s comprehensive efforts.

Representative of SHB, Ms. Hoang Thi Mai Thao – Deputy General Director said: “Top 50 Best Enterprises in Vietnam demonstrates SHB’s outstanding position and dedication over the past time. We will continue to invest heavily in people, technology, infrastructure, etc. creating a comprehensive development foundation in terms of quality and scale, becoming a solid, reliable and suitable financial partner for customers.”

Together with the Top 50 Best Enterprises in Vietnam, SHB’s dynamism and proactive adaptation will be an advantage, a step for SHB to enter 2021 with many important missions and goals. In particular, the business growth mission will still be associated with promoting the overall development of the economy and community responsibility. This is also the central requirement that the State Bank of Vietnam emphasizes for the banking system in the period of 2021 that SHB has been doing very well and will continue to promote further with its resources and dedication.

Photo: The award is a testament to sustainable development, a worthy result for SHB’s comprehensive efforts

Before, SHB has won many prestigious awards which are highly appreciated by prestigious domestic and international organizations: Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam (Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine); Best Savings Product (Global Banking and Finance Review Magazine); Best Customer Support Initiative 2020, Most Innovative Bancassurance Product 2020, Best Strategic Cooperation Initiative 2020 (The Asian Banking and Finance Magazine); Best Bank for Vietnamese SMEs (Asiamoney Magazine); Best Bank for SMEs, Best Bank for Green Credit (International Data Group IDG), Bank of the Year 2020 (The Banker Magazine), etc.