Warning on fraudulent acts via fake website imitating SHB SHB and Dai-ich Life Vietnam giving 300 bicycles to students with disadvantage Aiming at sustainable development, SHB was honoured as a high-tech investment support bank for clean agriculture SHB sponsors up to 90% of capital needs for import-export enterprises to/from IBEC member countries Asian Money honoured SHB as Best Bank for CSR in Vietnam Asia’s leading financial magazine presented SHB with Best Project Financing Bank and Financial Inclusion Initiative awards SHB honored as “Best Retail Bank Vietnam” and “Best Trade Finance Bank Vietnam” 2018 SHB receives Excellence in International Settlement Quality Award (STP Award) for the 8th consecutive year
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SHB’s goal is to become a leading modern multi-functional retail bank in Vietnam and vision of becoming a strong financial holding group under international standards with modern technology, professional human resource, nation-wide and overseas network to bring to partners and customers packaged, convenient, cost-saving and high quality banking services and products.


Shareholder’s benefits

SHB commits to maintaining and increasing the Bank’s values, growing sustainably, bringing maximum benefits to shareholders.
SHB grows constantly, meeting expectations of shareholders and investors for a thriving SHB.

Core is customers

SHB always understands customers and focuses on customers in a professional and modern serving manner.
SHB commits to providing customers with diversified, convenient, friendly, quick and efficient banking services and products.

Human resource development is a priority

SHB people are young, active, working in a professional and reliable environment.
Developing and taking pride in SHB’s culture of creativeness, solidarity, creating development opportunities for all people, praising individuals of good achievements.

Integrity and Transparency
SHB pays attention to transparency and integrity in all activities in the whole network.
Increase management capacity, risk management, internal control & audit.

Continuous renovation
SHB always sets out competition strategy, making difference, listening, learning, renovating, reforming and developing.

Brand values
SHB is a modern multi-functional retail bank with distinctive qualities, with reputation and position inside and outside the country.

SHB’s brand name is the asset of the bank and honor of the Bank’s staffs.



Planning strategies suitable with each development stage; following competitive differentiation strategy on the basis of understanding customer’s needs as well as customer and market focusing.

Risk management system is established consistently, profoundly and professionally to ensure safe and sustainable activities;

Nurturing the SHB culture into a spiritual factor in the whole network. Establishing a human resource strategy and a professional staff training strategy to ensure continuous and efficient operational process;
Developing services and products, gradually increasing fee income in the total net income with modern technology platform.

Always meeting the highest benefit requirements of shareholders and investors, for a Thriving SHB.