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With strong digital transformation, SHB’s goal is to rank first in efficiency and technology. SHB applies leading modern technologies and becomes the most favorite digital bank among Vietnam’s commercial banks by 2027,

In its vision to 2030, SHB will become a leading modern retail bank in the region.

SHB has been working with the world’s leading consultants to strongly develop and execute differentiation and competition strategies to accelerate the successful realization of those goals.


Throughout its development history, SHB carries the mission and mindset of a leading commercial bank with the philosophy of ‘Serving from the Heart’ and ‘Aspiration to Lead’

Serving from the Heart: SHB takes Heart as the core and motto of all activities, creating different values in the market. Always mindfully serving the Nation, the Community and Customers with its heart, SHB firmly believes in ‘Give First – Get Later’.

Aspiration to Lead: Heart accompanies with Wisdom to contribute to the realization of SHB’s ‘Aspiration to Lead’, enabling it to lead in its business activities, becoming a top financial institution in Vietnam, with an outreach to the region.

Shareholder’s benefits

SHB is always committed to preserving and increasing the value of the Bank, developing safely and sustainably, optimizing shareholders’ benefits.

SHB is constantly growing, meeting the expectations of shareholders and investors for a prosperous SHB.


SHB is always understanding, customer-focused and market-oriented, and always serves customers in a professional and modern serving manner.

SHB is committed to providing customers with modern, diversified, convenient, friendly, fast, efficient, differentiated and highly competitive products and services.

Focusing on human resources development

SHB is young, dynamic, professional and reliable.

SHB is proud of its creative, united culture, giving equal development opportunities for every one, and honouring individuals with outstanding performance.

Integrity and Transparency

SHB puts emphasis on transparency and honesty in all activities in the whole system.

Continuously improves management capacity, risk management, internal control and internal audit.

Continuous renovation

SHB is developing a competitiveness and differentiation strategy, keeps on listening, learning, improving, innovating and growing.

Brand values

SHB is a universal modern retail bank with its own identity, strong reputation and firm position domestically and internationally.

Brand is the property of the Bank, the honour of the Bank’s staff.



Designs a business strategy that is suitable with each stage of development, customer-focused and market-oriented, with a long-term vision and a competitive, differentiation orientation.

The risk management system is synchronously and profoundly developed across the whole system, with high quality, efficiency and professionalism to ensure smooth and stable operation.

Shapes SHB’s culture into a spiritual element that cohesively connects employees in the whole system. Develops a professional human resources management and training strategy, ensures the smooth, efficient and continuous operation of the entire SHB system.

Develops products and services, increases service profit/total profit year by year with advanced modern technology platform.

Always acts for the highest benefit of shareholders and investors and for a prosperous SHB.