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SHB deploys biometric information collection in accordance with Decision 2345 of the State Bank SHB and the Banking Academy collaborate extensively to cultivate top-tier human resources SHB ranks in the top 200 of the Fortune SEA 500 list, a brand with regional and international outreach SHB won 03 important award categories at FinanceAsia Awards 2024 SHB win double Awards at digital CX Awards 2024 SHB accelerates transformation, achieves highest ever first quarter profit 2024, projects 2024 profit increases by 22% and dividend yield 18% SHB hailed as “Best bank for sustainable finance” for 2 years in a row SHB simultaneously reduced lending interest rates to only 5.79%/year
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Vision to 2028, SHB becomes

  • The most efficient bank
  • The most popular digital bank
  • The best retail bank
  • The best corporate bank providing financial services to strategic corporate customers with a green supply chain and ecosystem.



Emerging as the foremost destination for dependable financial solutions, we prioritize empathy and customer insight at every step of our customers’ journey. Our approach integrates a sophisticated and comprehensive range of products and services, blending modern innovation with timeless principles. We are dedicated to adding value to even the smallest requirements of each customer, ensuring their needs are met with excellence and care.

Establishing an optimal workplace culture where every employee is regarded as an integral part of the organization, valued, continuously trained, and fully engaged in driving both the Bank’s growth and their personal success.

Ensuring shareholder rights are safeguarded and delivering lasting value via an alternative strategy emphasizing sustainable, efficient growth.



Over its 30-year history, SHB has remained unwavering in its ethical principles and concrete actions rooted in 6 core values. These values serve as the bedrock for the bank’s brand philosophy and corporate culture, fostering trust among shareholders, partners, customers, employees, and the community:


  • At SHB, we uphold the notion of “HEART” as the quintessential essence – the nucleus of existence, embodying paramount excellence and serving as the cornerstone influencing all other human attributes. Rooted in this philosophy, we strive to extend our heartfelt dedication to shareholders, partners, customers, employees, and the public.
  • At SHB, the concept of “FAITH” signifies unwavering commitment to defined objectives. Our team consistently trusts in their own courage and capabilities, placing firm belief in the vision of the Board of Directors and the Bank’s leadership. This steadfast belief extends to the Bank’s mission and strategic direction.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS” serves as a fundamental cornerstone in partnership, fostering mutual reliance and confidence in agreements. At SHB, we prioritize earning trust as the initial step, a practice that underpins the establishment, preservation, and continual enhancement of our esteemed reputation in the financial market.
  • At SHB, “KNOWLEDGE” —a fusion of comprehension, expertise and skills acquired through continuous learning and accumulation. In the digital era, achieving success necessitates a relentless pursuit of knowledge among SHB personnel to attain international standards.
  • WISDOM” serves as a guiding light, illuminating and influencing the complexities of life and business endeavors, yielding tangible outcomes. At SHB, we take pride in leveraging WISDOM to transform challenges into opportunities amid the fluctuations of the national economy. By translating accumulated knowledge into action, we consistently deliver impactful results.
  • After three decades of development, SHB has ascended to “GREATER HEIGHTS”, securing its position among the top five largest private joint-stock commercial banks in Vietnam. As we continue forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to achieving even more ambitious goals in the future.


Originating from the HEART, fostering FAITH, cultivating TRUSTWORTHINESS, accumulating KNOWLEDGE, attaining WISDOM, and perpetually ascending to GREATER HEIGHTS.