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Determining a particularly important role and position in the development of the bank, SHB has built corporate culture into a cohesive mindset element throughout the entire system.

SHB always considers human resources as the bank’s most valuable asset, maximizes human resources, puts people at the center of the bank’s development; Focusing on building human resource strategies and training professional staff to ensure smooth, efficient and continuous operation throughout the system, nurturing the aspiration to lead in each individual and unit.

At SHB, each individual is an important link of the organization, working for the common interests of the Bank. Therefore, SHB always strives to build and maintain a positive and creative working environment; where all staff can maximize their potential. Employees and managers together support work in the spirit of respect, cooperation and information sharing to carry out the common mission of SHB; meet the best interests of shareholders, investors and customers, for a prosperous SHB.

With the sense of responsibility of one of the largest commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam, SHB tries its best to minimize the impact on the environment and contribute to the regeneration of the green planet. SHB determines a sustainable development strategy that not only has effective and safe financial growth of the bank itself, but also rationally exploits and uses natural resources economically, protects and improves the quality of the environment. At the same time, the Bank pays great attention to and attaches great importance to green credit development, greening investment flows by directing financial resources into green fields such as high-tech enterprises, renewables energy projects, supporting industries, rural agriculture, small and medium hydropower projects, biomass, wastewater treatment, waste treatement, …; contribute to promoting customers to convert projects and purposes of using loans to environmentally friendly projects.

In addition, taking the principle of “Serving with kindness” as a guideline for all actions, SHB always strives to bring the best values ​​to the community, contributing to the sustainable socio economic development of the country through meaningful programs and activities in the fields of education, sports, health care, charity… Over the past 29 years, the humane spirit has come from the benevolence of the bank’s Board of Directors and management, that have gradually spread to become a typical and proud common spirit in SHB’s corporate culture.