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Meeting the needs of enterprises running business in natural rubber sector.

  • Flexible loan tenor: short, medium and long term loans in line with customer’s loan purpose and features of rubber industry.
  • Secured assets are diversified including receivables, latex/goods formed by the loan, rubber processing machinery and equipment, loan guarantee by a third party.
  • Flexible loan types such as: finance of new project, maximum loan tenor is 180 months; finance of expansion project, maximum loan tenor is 120 months applicable to Group 1; 96 months applicable to Group 2; 84 months applicable to Group 3; finance for temporary storage; pre and post- delivery finance; document negotiation.
  • Enterprises with production, trading in rubber industry in a closed process or one of the following steps: rubber tree planting and exploiting, rubber processing, export or domestic supply of finished latex. Customers are divided into 03 groups as follows:
  • Group 1: Enterprises the charter capital of which are fully owned by Vietnam Rubber Group or held controlling shares/equity (from at least 51% of the charter capital); Enterprises the charter capital of which are contributed by the Group and limited Companies of the Group from at least 51%.
  • Group 2: Enterprises the charter capital of which are contributed by the Group and limited Companies of the Group less than 51%.
  • Group 3: other enterprises (not subject to Group 1 and Group 2)
  • Application is under SHB’s regulations.
  • Please contact the nearest counter of SHB or call hotline 1800.5888.56 for more details